Main Server Rules:

RULE #1) NO RACISM OR HOMOPHOBIC TERMS / ACTIONS ARE ALLOWED| Using racial slurs or any homophobic terms will result in you getting banned, it is absolutely not allowed here.

RULE #2) HARASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED| Any form of harassment in / outside of the Discord will without doubt get you banned if reported / seen. Respecting people in common sense.

RULE #3) DO NOT PING HIGHER RANKS WITHOUT REASON| Pinging the devs with a whole paragraph will only result in them banning you, if you have any actual serious issues with someone get the attention of a moderator. If you have a serious bug post it in #bug-reports 

RULE #4) YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 13 IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SERVER| If you're found out to be under the age of 13 in this Discord you will be instantly banned, it voids the Discord TOS.

RULE #5) ANY PORNOGRAPHIC OR SENSITIVE CONTENT IS BANNED| Posting porn / gore or any sort of NSFW content in a server with people younger than 18 is prohibited and will result in an instant ban.

RULE #6) RESPECT OTHERS AND YOURSELF| Respecting others is self explanatory, but please respect yourself as well! Keep venting in DMs only!

RULE #7) NO EXPLOITING| If you stream / display yourself exploiting you will be banned with no question. Ruining the game for others doesn't make you funny and exploiting isn't a personality trait.

RULE #8) NO ADVERTISING DIFFERENT SERVERS| You'll be muted for advertising different servers and if you continue it will result in a ban.

RULE #9) ANY TYPE OF PEDOPHILIC JOKES / INTERACTIONS ARE FORBIDDEN|*** If you're caught doing anything pedophilic you will be banned immediately.

Towny Server Rules:

Rule #1) No griefing in a 6 chunk radius of a town. If you are caught doing this you will be banned for 2 weeks.

Rule #2) No inappropriate town names. If your caught making such town names you will be banned for 5 days and the town will be deleted.

Rule #3) Cheating/Hacking is strictly forbidden. If you are caught you will be banned for 5 weeks without question.

Rule #4) No Xraying, regarding rule #3 people try to bend it and say they are using an xray texture pack, Xray texture packs are forbidden. If your caught you will be banned for 5 weeks.

Rule #5) Intentionally causing lag or distrupting GlacierMC, Doing so will get you banned for 4 weeks.

Rule #6) Spam, Spamming chats is forbidden on any level, doing so will get you muted for 4 days.

Rule #7) Impersonating any players or staff is not aloud, if you do so you will be banned for 2 weeks.

Rule #8) Advertising your server, twitch, youtube or any other social links is not aloud and you will be muted for 2 weeks and banned for 1 week.

Rule #9) Main language is English, When communicating in the main chat only speak English. Exceptions may be made if you are speaking to your friends. If you do speak another language you will be muted for 4 days.

Rule #10) Do not sell any in game items for real life money. If your caught doing this you will be permanently banned.

Rule #11) Scamming is strictly forbidden. If you are caught scamming any other players you will be banned for 4 days.

More rules will be added soon. However if you feel like your doing something against the rules which isn't stated here please ask a staff member and they will tell you an answer.