GlacierMC Season 2
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07 Jun 2021
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07 Jun 2022

Wow, haven't posted here in a while.

Welcome everyone, GlacierMC had a very successful season in season 1 and we are now 11 months since the start of this wonderful server. We have been working extremely hard at providing the best experience for our users.

As usual our community likes Towny so it we will be releasing with Towny and hopefully expanding onto other gamemode's such as skyblock and kitpvp in the future.

So what will Towny offer?


Towny is a geopol server where you can create towns and nations, create alliances and trade with other nations, and even wage war upon other nations.

GlacierMC's Towny will be presented on a Earth map of 1:500 scale replica. You will be able to create or join your home nation and even build your home. Not only that but we have our own map that will allow you to know where you are currently at on the map.

So when do we release?

We currently have 2 dates in mind. The 11th or the 25th however we hope to release on the 11th. Why may we have another date in mind? well glaciermc has had a few technical difficulties while trying to install the world map which is now successfully installed. Not only that but due to having to wait for such a large map needing to render we have been unable to edit any plugins throughout this time period. 

If we do release on the 11th which is likely please expect bugs.

Until next time,

Wizardboy_ · 4 months ago